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  • Stop Dumping Coal!
    Stop Dumping Coal! S.S. Badger dumping 4 tons of coal ash into Lake Michigan. The EPA gave the company 5 years to stop - now they want ANOTHER five years.
  • Badger Dumping Sludge
    Badger Dumping Sludge S.S. Badger could landfill this waste today but it's cheaper for them to dump it into the Great Lakes. Tell EPA to stop this now!

S.S. Badger dumping toxic ash


Polluting Lake michigan

The S.S. Badger dumps nearly four tons of toxic coal ash into Lake Michigan every time it sails. The EPA in 2008 gave the owners until 2012 to stop dirtying the lake. Despite assurances, the Badger wouldn't stop. The buiness continues to profit from the dumping and now wants permisson to continue polluting our Great Lakes until 2017 or beyond.